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The Ethersex-Project ...

License GPL v3
Language C
Target platform Atmel Atmegas
Source Code Download

is a universal platform to access microcontrolers via IP protocol and makes a solid base for your own development. Ethersex has been started in August 2007 by stesie as some kind of alternate firmware for fd0's Etherrape. The project's name is due to the first major difference to the upstream firmware: IPv6 support. Since then a lot has been done, especially not only the Etherrape-Hardware is supported as a platform, but a lot more Atmega based hardware projects. The code is rather stable meanwhile and is used in production environment as well.


The Ethersex-project itself doesn't supply any construction sets or finished units for sale. Have a look at the Etherrape supplied by Alexander Neumann, the AVR Webmodul by Ulrich Radig or the Pollin AVR Net-IO if you're interested in those. If you already have some experience with breadboards and the like you might want to consider building a clone on your own. The gallery of Supported Hardware provides an overview.

Ethersex's key features

  • TCP/IP, ZBUS and many further protocols
  • data transfer via Ethernet, wireless (RFM12), via USB or serial bus
  • encrypted communcation with OpenVPN and IPv6
  • powerful control via own Ethersex Command (ECMD) Protocol per http, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, I2C, ...
  • data storage to Atmel DataFlash, SD-Cards, I2C-EEPROMs or the internal EEPROM
  • easy expandability with own modules
  • Modules can be enabled or disabled easily using a graphical user interface. That way only the needead features are compiled into the firmware.

... and many more, see feature list or Screenprint for details.