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This page is automatically generated from the files in the Ethersex source code repository. Do not edit this page but send patches for those files!

Analog/Digital Conversion (ADC)

Command syntax Short description
adc get [CHANNEL] Get the ADC value in hex of CHANNEL or if no channel set of all channels.
hr20 temp Read HR20 temperature sensor.

DNS Resolver

Command syntax Short description
dns server [IPADDR] Display/Set the IP address of the DNS server to use to IPADDR.
nslookup HOSTNAME Do DNS lookup for HOSTNAME (call twice).

Digital/Analog Conversion (DAC)

Command syntax Short description
ltc1257_delay `[VALUE] Set (if VALUE given) or get (no VALUE) delay for LTC1257 output bit changes in µs'
ltc1257_set `[VALUE0] [VALUE1] ... Set output to value (value: 0-4095)'
tlc5620 `[CHANNEL] [VALUE] Set Output to value (Value: 0-0xff)'


Command syntax Short description
fnordlicht "ADDRESS RED GREEN,BLUE",fnordlicht command to set RGB color
fnordlicht_init fnordlicht init

HD44780 LCD

Command syntax Short description
hr20 hourbar START STOP Update hourbar to show ticks between START and STOP (range 0..23)
hr20 toggle SEG Toggle segment SEG (a number, not a symbolic name!)
lcd backlight STATE switch back light STATE to ON or OFF
lcd char N D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 D6 D7 D8 Define use-definable char N with data D1..D8 (provide DATA in hex)
lcd clear [LINE] Clear line LINE (0..3) or the whole display (if parameter is omitted)
lcd goto LINE COL Move cursor to LINE and column COL (origin is 0/0)
lcd reinit CURSOR BLINK Reinitialize the display, set whether to show the cursor (CURSOR, 0 or 1) and whether the cursor shall BLINK
lcd shift DIR Shift the display to DIR (either left or right)
lcd write TEXT Write TEXT to the current cursor location

Infrared Send/Receive (IR-TRX)

Command syntax Short description
ir receive receive an IR command

Infrared Send/Receive (IRMP)

Command syntax Short description
irmp receive receive an IR command

NTP Client

Command syntax Short description
ntp query Query the NTP server to get an NTP update.
ntp server [IPADDR] Display/Set the IP address of the NTP server to use to IPADDR.
ntp status Display NTP server status

Network configuration

Command syntax Short description
enc dump Dump the internal state of the enc to serial
gw [IP] Display/Set the address of the default router.
ip [IP] Display/Set the IP address.
mac [xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx] Display/Set the MAC address.
netmask [IP] Display/Set the network mask.

Port I/O

Command syntax Short description
io get ddr PORTNUM Display the current value of the DDR PORTNUM.
io get mask PORTNUM Display the mask of the port PORTNUM.
io get pin PORTNUM Display the current value of the PIN-register of the port PORTNUM.
io get port NUM Display the current value of the PORT NUM.
io set ddr PORTNUM HEXVALUE [MASK] Set the DDR of port PORTNUM to VALUE (possibly using the provided MASK).
io set port NUM HEXVALUE [MASK] Set the PORT NUM to VALUE (possibly using the provided MASK).

Reading and Writing EEPROM Space on Device

Command syntax Short description
eer eer <ADDR> <LENGTH> Read n bytes from address after the config in eeprom.
eew eew <ADDR> <HEXBYTES> Write Hexbytes at address after the config in epprom.
fuse Display current fuse settings
hostname Display hostname.

Resetting the controller

Command syntax Short description
bootloader Call the bootloader.
reset Reset the Ethersex.
wdreset Go into endless loop to trigger a watchdog timeout.


Command syntax Short description
ads get Get the ADC value in hex.
ads mean [COUNT] Get the mean of power of 2 COUNT ADC values in hex.


Command syntax Short description
date Display the current date.
lastdcf Display when last valid DCF Signal was received.
time [UNIXTIME] Display/Set the current time in seconds since January 1st 1970.
uptime Display ethersex uptime in unix format.
whm Display ethersex uptime.


Command syntax Short description
sample Manually call application sample commands
sample_init Manually call application sample init method
sample_periodic Manually call application sample periodic method


Command syntax Short description
mcuf modul N Select module N
mcuf modul list List all modules
mcuf showclock Show digital clock
mcuf showstring MESSAGE Show scrolling MESSAGE on the display


Command syntax Short description
cron_add MIN HOUR DAY MONTH DOW ECMD Add ECMD to cron to be executed at given time
cron_list Show all cron entries
cron_make_persistent Mark a Job as persistent
cron_rm POSITION Remove one cron entry
cron_save Saves all persistent jobs


Command syntax Short description
dali cmd [TARGET] [COMMAND] [!][?] "send the given command (decimal) to targets (all, g00 to g15, s00 to s63), auto repeat with !, read reply with ?"
dali dim [TARGET] [LEVEL] "dim targets (all, g00 to g15, s00 to s63) to given level (0-254)"
dali raw [BYTE1] [BYTE2] "send a raw frame (two bytes, given in hex) over the DALI bus"
dali scmd [SPECIAL COMMAND] [DATA] [!][?] "send special command (256-287) with data, auto repeat with !, read reply with ?"

DMX_Effect commands

Command syntax Short description
dmx rainbow switch rainbow on (1) or off (0)
dmx random switch random on (1) or off (0)

DMX_Storage commands

Command syntax Short description
dmx channels Get channels per universe
dmx get Return channel value
dmx set Set channel values
dmx universe Get a whole universe
dmx universes Get universes


Command syntax Short description
1w convert [DEVICE] Trigger temperature conversion of either DEVICE or all connected devices
1w ds2450 convert [DEVICE] `start conversion (with optional input mask and read out control)'
1w ds2450 get [DEVICE] `get conversion result (one or all channels)'
1w ds2450 oc [DEVICE] `get/set output control (per channel)'
1w ds2450 oe [DEVICE] `get/set output enable (per channel)'
1w ds2450 por [DEVICE] `get/set power on reset (per channel)'
1w ds2450 power [DEVICE] `get/set power supply of device (global)'
1w ds2450 range [DEVICE] `get/set input voltage range (per channel)'
1w ds2450 res [DEVICE] `get/set bit resolution of AD convert (per channel)'
1w get DEVICE Return temperature value of onewire DEVICE (provide 64-bit ID as 16-hex-digits)
1w list Return a list of the connected onewire devices


Command syntax Short description
df status Display internal status.
fs format Format the filesystem.
fs inspect inode INODE Inspect INODE (and associated page).
fs inspect node NODE Inspect NODE and dump to serial.
fs list List the directory.
fs mkfile NAME Create a new file NAME.
fs remove NAME Delete the file NAME.
fs truncate NAME LEN Truncate the file NAME to LEN bytes.

DC3840 mobil camera support

Command syntax Short description
dc3840 capture Take a picture. Access 'dc3840' via VFS afterwards. See DC3840 Camera for details.
dc3840 light Light level of camera
dc3840 send A B C D E Send provided command bytes to the camera.
dc3840 sync Re-sync to the camera
dc3840 zoom Enable zoom of camera


Command syntax Short description
call FILENAME Start script named FILENAME
cat FILENAME cat file content (with debug only)
dec VAR Decrement variable VAR (a number)
echo <any> Print out all arguments of echo
exit Exit currently running script
get VAR Get value of variable VAR
goto N Goto line N in currently running script
if ( CMD/VAR == CONST ) then CMD2 If condition matches execute CMD2
inc VAR Increment variable VAR (a number)
rem <any> Remark for anything
set VAR VALUE Set variable VAR to VALUE
wait I Wait I milliseconds


Command syntax Short description
fht send HOUSECODE ADDR CMD [CMD2] Send FHT command. See FS20 for details.
fs20 receive Receive FS20/FHT sequence and display it.
fs20 send HOUSECODE ADDR CMD [CMD2] Send FS20 command. See FS20 for details.
fs20 ws300 Receive FS20 sequence from WS300 weather station and decode it.

Frequency Counter

Command syntax Short description
fc %duty [CHANNEL] "returns last on duty cycle in percent for given channel"
fc duty [CHANNEL] "returns last on duty cycle (0-255) for given channel"
fc freq [CHANNEL] "returns last frequency in Hz for given channel"
fc off [CHANNEL] "switch off frequency counting on given channel"
fc on [CHANNEL] "switch on frequency counting on given channel"
fc ticks [CHANNEL] "returns last frequency in CPU ticks for given channel"


Command syntax Short description
glcdmenu key VALUE Send a keypress to the menu
glcdmenu update Update the menu


Command syntax Short description
nmea get Get latitude and longitude data
nmea satellites Get satellites


Command syntax Short description
hbridge [action] [enable_l] [enable_r] Set H-Bridge command
hbridge pwm int Set H-Bridge enable line valueeg. speed


Command syntax Short description
ds1631 convert ADDR VALUE Initiate temperature conversions (0: stop, 1: convert)
ds1631 temp ADDR Read last converted temperature
i2c detect list detected I2C Chips
i2c rbb ADDR read byte from I2C chip
i2c rbd CHIPADDR REGADDR read byte from register address at I2C chip
i2c rwd CHIPADDR REGADDR read word from register address at I2C chip
i2c wbb ADDR HEXVALUE write byte to I2C chip
i2c wbd CHIPADDR REGADDR HEXVALUE write byte to register address on I2C chip
i2c wwd CHIPADDR REGADDR HEXVALUE write word to register address on I2C chip
lm75 ADDR Get temperature
max7311 getDDRw ADDR Get Direction-Register DDR
max7311 getINw ADDR Get Input-Register IN
max7311 getOUTw ADDR Get Output-Register OUT
max7311 pulse ADDR BIT TIME Toggle Output-BIT for TIME (in ms)
max7311 set ADDR BIT VALUE Set Output-BIT to VALUE (bool)
max7311 setDDRw ADDR VALUE Set Direction-Register DDR (VALUE as hex)
max7311 setOUTw ADDR VALUE Set Output-Register OUT (VALUE as hex)
pca9685s ADDR LED, ON, OFF
pcf8574x read ADDR CHIP Get bits
pcf8574x set ADDR CHIP HEXVALUE Set bits
tsl2550 lux Show light level by reading adc registers and computing level
tsl2550 mode VALUE Set the TSL2550s operating mode (0: standard range, 1: extended range)
tsl2550 power VALUE Set the TSL2550s power state (0: down, 1:up)


Command syntax Short description
jabber_host [HOSTNAME] JABBER hostname
jabber_pass [PASSWORD] JABBER password
jabber_resrc [RESOURCE] JABBER resource
jabber_user [USERNAME] JABBER username


Command syntax Short description
kty autocalibrate CHANNEL Calibrate to 1000 Ohm precision Resistor.
kty cal get Return the calibration difference to 2k2 Resistor.
kty get [CHANNEL] Get the temperature in xxx.x °C of CHANNEL or if no channel set of all channels.

MotorCurtain commands

Command syntax Short description
curtain VALUE Set value of curtain. 0=closed..7=open. If you use fewer sensors, use the corrent value instead of 7.
curtainlast Return last known position
curtainmax Return maximum position
curtainoff Switch motor off


Command syntax Short description
pin get NAME Read and display the status of pin NAME.
pin list List all known named-pins.
pin set NAME STATUS Set the status of pin NAME to STATUS.
pin toggle NAME Toggle the status of pin NAME.


Command syntax Short description
dtmf CHARS send CHARS as DTMF
freq set FREQUENCY DELAY Set frequency for DELAY ms
pwm fade [channel +-diff startvalue] Set fading at channel with startvalue and change each stepp to diff (must be signed 3 digit)
pwm set [channel value] Set channel to value


Command syntax Short description
rfm12 reinit Re-initialize RFM12 module.
rfm12 setbandwidth BW Set RX bandwidth to BW.
rfm12 setbaud BAUD Set baudrate to BAUD.
rfm12 setdrssi DRSSI Set the drssi to DRSSI.
rfm12 setgain GAIN Set preamplifier gain to GAIN.
rfm12 setmod MOD Set modulation to MOD.
rfm12 status Display internal status.


Command syntax Short description
rfm12 1527 housecodeCommand delay cnt
rfm12 2272 housecodeCommand delay cnt
rfm12 ask sense Trigger (Tevion) ASK sensing. Enable ext. filter pin before!
rfm12 external filter [1] Enable ext. filter pin if argument is present (disable otherwise)
rfm12 intertechno family group device command
rfm12 tevion housecode command delay cnt


Command syntax Short description
sd dir List contents of current SD directory.
sd mkdir PATH Create directory hierarchy PATH.


Command syntax Short description
sht humid Return humidity of SHT sensor
sht raw Return raw hex temp (first line) and humidity value (second line) of SHT sensor
sht temp Return temperature of SHT sensor


Command syntax Short description
sms77 MESSAGE Send MESSAGE to compiled in sms77 service
sms77_pass [PASSWORD] SMS77 password
sms77_recv [RECEIVER] SMS receiver
sms77_type [TYPE] SMS type
sms77_user [USERNAME] SMS77 username

PWM Servo Control

Command syntax Short description
pwm servo_dec SERVONR Decrement position of servo SERVONR
pwm servo_inc SERVONR Increment position of servo SERVONR
pwm servo_set SERVONR POSITION Set servo with SERVONR to POSITION

Sound/WAV support

Command syntax Short description
pwm stop Stop wav
pwm wav <FILENAME> Play wave file. Use VFS if compiled in. More details at Sound

Stella_Light commands

Command syntax Short description
channel CHANNEL VALUE FUNCTION Get/Set stella channel to value. Second and third parameters are optional. Function: You may use 's' for instant set, 'f' for fade and 'y' for flashy fade.
channels Return stella channel size
fadestep FADESTEP Get/Set stella fade step
stella load Load values from eeprom
stella store Store values in eeprom


Command syntax Short description
keyboard MESSAGE Send MESSAGE as HID keyboard
mouse BUTTON DELTAX DELTAY Send data as HID mouse


Command syntax Short description
zac 306 PORT BIT Return temperature of TSic 306 at BIT of PORT
zac 506 PORT BIT Return temperature of TSic 506 at BIT of PORT
zac raw PORT BIT Return raw hex temperature value of zacwire at BIT of PORT


Command syntax Short description
lome6 get_t TYPE get temperature command
lome6 power TYPE press power command
lome6 reset press reset command
lome6 set_t TYPE TEMPERATURE set temperature command
lome6 state get state command
lome6 uptime UPTIME set/get uptime command


Command syntax Short description
alias list List all available aliases
artnet test artnet test
cw send MESSAGE Send MESSAGE in Morce Code
d ADDR Dump the memory at ADDR (16 bytes).
eeprom reinit Force reinitialization of the EEPROM config area
free Display free space.
help List which commands are available.
ht MESSAGE Send MESSAGE to compiled in httplog service
ipstats Display IP statistics.
mb recv Receive data from modbus
moodlight CHANNEL ONOFF Set CHANNEL moodlight on=1 or off=0. If no channel is given return on if channel CHANNEL is moodlighted
motd [MESSAGE] Save MESSAGE as new message of the day, otherwise just show current message
msr1 get Get data
mysql query QUERY Send specified MySQL query to the configured server
ns update net statistic for public anouncment of currently running ethersex
pam USER PASSWORD Use pam for user and password
push NUMBER Push button identified by NUMBER
pwm melody [NUMBER] Play melody
sanyoz700 CMD Send command to projector
sll get Request the logged data
sram memtest Perform a memory test
srf05 Read SRF05 measurement
to1 get Request data from sensor
tw MESSAGE Send MESSAGE to compiled in twitter service
upnp send Manually send UPnP broadcast packet
usart baud BAUD Set the USART baudrate to BAUD.
version Display the version number.
wol MAC Send WAKE-ON-LAN command to MAC
yport stats Report statistic counters
zbus stats Report statistic counters